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NATIVE GROUND BLINDS Seminole Ground Blind (DRC)

  • Specialized open door entry permits silent entry and exit; without zippers or Velcro, this blind offers superior stealth
  • Features a sliding system to open and close its 3 windows with minimal noise disturbance; equipped with internal storage pockets
  • Designed with external brush holding straps that will hold limbs, brush, and other foliage for additional camouflage
  • The EZ Pack System allows the 16 pound blind to be carried on the back like a backpack with comfortable carry straps
  • Blind dimensions are 71 inches tall with a footprint of 60 inches by 60 inches; Dirt Road Camo pattern blends into a variety of environments
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MSRP: $279.00
SSI SKU: 1114186
UPC: 647164900014
Brand: Native
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