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Top Dawg

Top Dawg Commercial Heavy Duty Wireless Rear View Camera

  • Wireless signal will offer a good picture up to 35-40 feet, additional antennas increase quality
  • Includes a wireless 7" LCD with 420 lines of resolution that can be powered with car charger or 12 volt power
  • Wireless color night vision camera designed to be installed practically anywhere on vehicle.
  • Wide angle camera will offer wide viewing angle, 145 degree lens angle, angle can change up and down
  • LCD has additional video input that can be used for DVD players or anything with an RCA video out
  • Included heavy duty flexible windshield mount
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MAP: $329.99
MSRP: $379.99
SSI SKU: 4007005
UPC: 610370850312
MPN: MS-901
Brand: Top Dawg
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