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SOL Sighting Compass with Mirror

  • Clear Navigation: Liquid filled, adjustable bezel, index lines, and orienting arrows keep you headed in the right direction
  • Sighting Mirror: Allows for precise bearings and doubles as an emergency signal mirror
  • Declination: Adjust the declination with the included tool to improve accuracy
  • Night Visibility: The bezel, waypoints, index line, magnetic needle, and orientation arrows glow in the dark
  • Rulers and Ratios: Edges have inch and millimeter rulers with ratios for use on any map
  • Extended Base Plate with Magnifier: easily read map details and plot route
  • Clinometer: Measure slope angles
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MAP: $19.99
MSRP: $19.99
SSI SKU: 1130811
UPC: 707708200304
MPN: 0140-0030
Brand: SOL
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NDuR Lensatic Compass with Metal Case

  • Compass comes with a metal case
  • Liquid filled with luminous sighting dots
  • Scale 1:25000 meter
  • Rear sight with lens and lighting slot
  • Sighting wire and rotating bezel
  • Graduated straight edge
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MAP: none on file
MSRP: $26.00
SSI SKU: 4005732
UPC: 846271002837
MPN: 51500
Brand: NDuR
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NDuR Sighting Compass W/Mirror

  • Ideal for outoor enthusiasts
  • Sighting line on the mirror
  • Sighting points in the baseplate
  • Sighting notch on the top of the mirror
  • Produces fast and accurate sightings
  • 123
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MAP: none on file
MSRP: $13.00
SSI SKU: 4005738
UPC: 846271003698
MPN: 51600
Brand: NDuR
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